Decision by Medicare will help ensure wide spread availability of TheraSkin for patients suffering from Chronic Wounds.

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia (March 3, 2014) – Effective April 1, 2014, TheraSkin, a real skin therapy that effectively treats chronic wounds, will be assigned a pass-through status indicator under Medicare’s Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System. This means that thousands of Wound Care Centers will have the opportunity to use TheraSkin to help heal patients with chronic wounds.

“We are very pleased that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has decided to approve this limb and life-saving product for pass-through status” said Kerry McCarter, CEO of Soluble Systems, LLC, parent company of TheraSkin. “Patients with diabetic and venous leg ulcers, and other chronic wounds will now have much-improved access to the living cell therapy provided by TheraSkin. Living cell therapy has been cited as the new standard of care for these wounds.”

Pass-through reimbursement for TheraSkin also helps medical providers be more cost efficient. TheraSkin is available in two sizes. Hospital Outpatient Departments and Ambulatory Surgical Centers can now choose the size that is right for the wound, rather than wasting resources on a size that is too large. “We will work tirelessly with medical institutions and practitioners across the country to help implement the clinical and economic benefits of TheraSkin,” said Allan Staley, President of Soluble Systems.

About TheraSkin: TheraSkin is a biologically active cryo-preserved human skin allograft for non-responsive chronic wounds. Its fully developed extracellular matrix (ECM) and living cells provide an “at-ready” supply of human growth factors, cytokines and collagen to jumpstart wound healing. TheraSkin provides necessary growth factors and cytokines to treat chronic wounds. It also provides a large quantity of essential human collagens in appropriate ratios to support healing. This allows TheraSkin to be used on more severe wounds with exposed bone, tendon, joint capsules or muscle.