A Significant Advance For Diabetics With Chronic Foot Ulcers

Newport News, Virginia (October 3, 2014) – Soluble Systems, LLC announces a second ground breaking research study that confirms TheraSkin’s ability to jumpstart healing of stalled diabetic foot ulcers. The randomized, controlled, multicenter research was published in Ostomy Wound Management, a peer-reviewed and indexed journal of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care1.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers represent a substantial and growing public health concern in the U.S. They pose major physical, social, and financial burdens, along with a high risk of lower leg amputation. 29 Million people have diabetes, and, in 2010, 73,000 had amputations. About $58 Billion is spent annually on the care of Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

TheraSkin® is a biologically active cryopreserved human skin allograft with live cells. It heals most non-responsive diabetic foot ulcers. TheraSkin’s fully developed extracellular matrix (ECM) and living cells provide an “at-ready” supply of human growth factors, cytokines and collagen to jumpstart wound healing.

This TheraSkin study is the second to directly compare clinical results of two biologically active therapies for chronic diabetic foot ulcers:

  • In the first study, TheraSkin healed 62% more wounds in 12 weeks than the leading bioengineered skin substitute and closed them 27% faster2
  • In this new study, against another leading bioengineered skin substitute, TheraSkin healed 91% more wounds in 12 weeks and closed them 29% faster.

These outstanding results, which are consistent with other TheraSkin clinical trials and results on tens of thousands of patients, hold real promise for diabetics suffering from chronic foot ulcers.

“TheraSkin promises help for hundreds of thousands of Americans,” states Allan Staley, President of Soluble Systems, the Company that markets TheraSkin.  “TheraSkin is real human skin and these two clinical studies show that “nothing heals like real.” Unlike other live cell products, TheraSkin can be used to heal very challenging wounds, those down to bone, tendon, muscle and joint capsules.”

More About Soluble Systems, LLC: Soluble Systems, LLC markets a line of advanced wound care products, including TheraSkin. Corporate offices are located in Newport News, Virginia.