Oct, 2013 Oct, 2013

TheraSkin added to Rhode Island Medicaid Fee Schedule

Now medical providers can bill for the use of TheraSkin more efficiently and recieve faster payment from the Rhode Island Dept. of Human Services (Medicaid).

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia (August 28, 2013) – The Rhode Island Department of Human Services has notified Soluble Systems, LLC, that TheraSkin pricing has been added to […]

Oct, 2013 Oct, 2013

Arizona Medicaid Now Covers TheraSkin®

Decision Benefits Medicaid Patients with Chronic Wounds

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia (October 15, 2013) – Effective immediately, AHCCCS, the Arizona Medicaid Agency, will provide coverage for the use of TheraSkin®, a real skin therapy that effectively treats chronic wounds. This decision is consistent with the System’s primary Strategic Goal that AHCCCS “must […]

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